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Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad is a modern housing society near the New Islamabad Airport, on Chakri Road. This project offers the greatest investment choices, including residential and commercial properties, low-income flats, and magnificent farmhouses with flexible payment options. New Mirpur Estate is known for bringing the greatest projects to its investors. This time, we have a fantastic investment opportunity for you in the form of Blue World City. Let’s explore further to find out more about this incredible project.

The Blue World City Chakri Road Rawalpindi runs alongside the Lahore – Islamabad M2. The Blue World City Housing Society aims to become a wonder of twin cities in a few years, combining all civic amenities of international norms, including life-size replicas of global monuments such as the Burj Al Arab. The CPEC (Economic Corridor of China and Pakistan) and the new International Airport are the driving forces behind the growth of Blue World City Islamabad.

If you look at Blue World City Islamabad prices, you will see that it is the best option for investors wishing to invest in decent real estate. In addition, the company offers a range of online services, such as Blue World City online verification. You can visit their website to check your installment status and your online certifications.

Blue World City Islamabad Owner and Developer

The popularity of “Blue World City” Islamabad is at the highest level and there is hardly any person in Pakistan who does not know about this amazing housing project. It is Pakistan’s first purpose-built project, concentrating on the country’s tourism industry. Blue Group of Companies is the proud owner of this wonderful housing project, Blue World City Rawalpindi. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, a well-known Chinese developer, is in charge of Blue World City. This housing scheme is conveniently present near the Chakri Junction on the highway and the newly constructed Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Mr. Saad Nazir, the son of Chaudhry Nazir, a former Deputy Commissioner of Lahore, is the Blue World City Islamabad owner. Furthermore, the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) is one of Pakistan’s largest conglomerates, with a dedicated team of over 300 people operating in various positions. In 1998, BGC opened its doors in Lahore, Pakistan. It also starts by offering structure planning & design solutions to its valued stakeholders, quickly gaining a considerable market share.

Blue Group of Companies

Blue Group of Companies is Pakistan’s leading real estate development company. The purpose of creating this society was to provide architectural designs and construction services when it started. Soon, the company was able to develop a trusted relationship with investors due to the quality of its services. Not only in real estate, but the company also has deep roots in the business of retail and IT. The company also owns many clothing brands.

The Blue Group of Companies is made up of a diverse group of enterprises, including the following:

  • Blue Palms
  • Blue Bricks
  • WPZ
  • Blue Properties
  • Blue Media
  • Artimmix
  • Mart Blue
  • Blue Technologies
  • Brands Square

Blue World City Location Map

When investing in a property, the locality is usually the first thing on the investor’s mind. The area determines the availability of every need rather than determining the feel of security. Furthermore, before closing, speculators always consider the pros and cons of a property’s location.

The Blue World City Islamabad location gives it unparalleled access to both the twin cities and the rest of Pakistan. Compared to all other future housing societies in the vicinity, the location of Blue World City Islamabad is ideal due to its proximity to the projected Rawalpindi Ring Road is the closest. Four different entrances of Blue World City Islamabad make it a location for property investors in Islamabad to trust and remember. The Blue World City Islamabad map demonstrates that the project’s location makes it the first choice for any investor interested in investing in Rawalpindi or Islamabad.

Investors are rallying behind Blue World City because of the benefits associated with the geography of this project. It is evident from the Blue World City Islamabad location map that it provides an exquisite way of life apart from the city’s hustle and bustle. In addition, the Blue World City expansion provides one of the most convenient access points to twin cities. Simultaneously, Blue World City (BWC) Islamabad advertises a calm, quiet, and abundant living environment that no other private enterprise has offered its residents in Pakistan. This is what sets it apart from other gated communities in Pakistan.

Accessible Points

  • Accessible from M2 Motorway (Lahore-Islamabad)
  • Entry Point on Main Chakri Road
  • Close to Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • One can access it from Adiala Road
  • Close to GT Road
  • Easily Accessible from Islamabad Expressway

Blue World City Islamabad NOC Status

The most difficult challenge for every housing society is obtaining a NOC. This is also one of the most important issues that many stakeholders are concerned about. So, we have fantastic news for you: District Council Rawalpindi has given a lawfully issued No Objection Certificate “NOC” to the Blue World City. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) gave its approval to Blue World City via Letter No. RDA/MP&TF/F PHS-PTR-10/148. Initially, the 427 Kanal region received clearance from the right authorities. Then, in 2018, a request for an additional acquisition of 5 000 Kanal was made, and it was approved after a protracted process. Now you can invest in this marvelous project without even a shred of doubt.

The “Blue World City Islamabad NOC” was ratified by the District Council on December 13 2021. The Local Bodies Ordinance 2021, approved by Governor Punjab on December 11, 2021, stipulates unequivocally that the Rawalpindi District Council must give the NOCS of all residential societies. Blue World City Islamabad, on the other hand, acquired NOC from the district council via letter no 532 / 10/ DC dated 07-08-2018. RDA eventually confirmed the legality and authenticity of this project after the passage of the Local Bodies Ordinance 2021.

Dazzling Modern Infrastructure

The management of Blue World City is fulfilling the promise of building the first purpose-built tourist city in Pakistan by constructing replicas of modern world wonders. The purpose behind developing this tourist city is to create a project with the sole focus on providing international amenities and entertainment facilities to foreign travelers and tourists. Let’s take a look at some wonderful modern world wonders that will be present in Blue World City on Chakri Road Islamabad.

Blue Mosque Replica

Despite its attractive green neighborhoods and magnificent characteristics, Islamabad lacks intriguing and risky tourist destinations. For years, people have cried out for large-scale tourism attractions such as amusement parks, athletic arenas, and cultural complexes. However, in Islamabad, a new effort with the name of Blue World City Rawalpindi is establishing with the purpose of filling this hole in the tourism sector. With a variety of outstanding thematic tourism attractions, this developing tourist destination in Islamabad is building the basis to transform the city’s tourism economy.

The management has created the basis for one of the most iconic mosque constructions in the Muslim world – the Replica of Blue Mosque in Istanbul – after successfully launching numerous world-famous tourist attractions. The duplicate will be just as beautiful as the original, evoking the same spiritual feelings. In addtion, the “Blue Mosque“ in Blue World City will be the region’s most stunning religious monument.

The developers will build a Blue Mosque Replica in the center of the Blue World Housing Scheme, according to the management. It will be located in front of the General Block. The location of the Blue World Mosque implies that it will be conveniently accessible from everywhere in the city. In addition, it will be at a prime location to accommodate a large number of guests.

Some Amazing Features of Blue Mosque Islamabad

The Blue Mosque Blue World City will cover around 104 Kanal of ground, with a covering area that is identical to the previous mosque and an environment. It conveys the same sense of wonder and beautiful spiritual experience that the Istanbul Blue Mosque provides. A team of expert architects, engineers, and artisans is designing and building the Blue Mosque in Blue World City. They are reproducing the traditional details with the same enthusiasm. So, let’s discuss some of the amazing features below:

Surface Area

The replica of the Blue Mosque will have a land area of approximately of over 43494 square meters. This exemplifies the splendor and quality of Muslim architecture and engineering. The structure will be identical in style and color to the ancient mosque in Istanbul. The ground level of the Blue World City Blue Mosque takes up 7946 square meters of the total space. In addition, the basement will cover 5018.52 square meters to handle huge gatherings and host different kinds of religious events.

Beautiful And Spacious Interior

To build the Blue Mosque replica at Blue World City Islamabad, the management has enlisted a team of world-renowned architects. The inside of the Blue Mosque will be stunning since the administration has directed that the large mosque’s interior be given special attention. Apart from the magnificent architecture, the mosques’ interiors are being built to house 15000 people, which is 5000 more than the original.

Parks and Wide Courtyards

The replica of the iconic Blue World Blue Mosque will include five major domes, eight minor domes, and six minarets. A 35548 square meters broad park would be built outside the big mosque in the Blue World City, according to the Blue Mosque blueprint.

Burj Al Arab

The replica of Burj Al Arab Dubai will be present in this magnificent real estate project. It won’t be quite as tall, but it’ll be comparable in every other way. The Blue World City’s “Burj Al Arab” Blue World City will have a variety of world-class amenities, such as entertainment centers and offices. The Burl al Arab replica will stand 300 feet tall in the society’s commercial Hub. Executive penthouse homes, sky-view towers, a 119-foot Atrium, and corporate offices will be included in this one-of-a-kind monument. Also, the corporate offices of the BGC-IGC partnership will be present in this well-known structure.

On July 19, 2020, the management held a Burj Al Arab replica groundbreaking ceremony. The consortium’s senior management, as well as Blue World City’s platinum partners, real estate lovers from the twin cities, and the media, were in attendance at the event. During the event, the platinum partners spoke, and the CEO of BGC, Saad Nazir, presented a full-fledged presentation in person. When it comes to the Burj Al Arab location, it will be in the society’s commercial zone, just across from Overseas Block Blue World City.  Thus, the location was chosen specifically for this purpose in order to give chances to residents in every nook and cranny of the community.

Burj Al Arab Facilities

The timely inauguration of the Burj al Arab Rawalpindi replica is another achievement for the administration of Blue World City and a promise honored. The project is drawing investment from investors of all sizes due to its great location, fast delivery, and top-notch quality. Now is the time to start putting your money to good use! Let’s look at some of the key aspects in more detail:

Classy Restaurants

The fact that it will contain a Burj Al Arab restaurant is one of the most astounding aspects of this incredible commercial endeavor. The restaurant will not only provide tasty meals, but it will also provide spectacular views, as it will be an open area. Families from all around Pakistan will visit the hotel.

Modern Amenities

The Burj will be an architectural masterpiece from conception to completion. The Burj Al Arab facilities have investors screaming their praises. From the elevators to the inside of the tower, everything is of the highest quality. After completion, the inner aspect of the Burj Al Arab will resemble any international business hub.

Aircraft Platform

The Blue Group of Companies’ corporate headquarters will be in Burj. As a result, it will contain a platform for a helicopter so that important guests may arrive without difficulty.

Water Theme Park

The Federal Capital Region’s Blue World City is a well-known residential and commercial complex. In addition, the project is being carried out in collaboration with the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company by the Blue Group of Companies. One of the many fantastic features supplied by the housing society is the Blue World Water Park. The community is also near the Chakri Intersection and the recently constructed Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Because of its unique style and low prices, the housing complex is quickly gaining popularity. The Blue World City water park, which BWC constructed in partnership with Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd., is another great facility. Because there were few water parks in Islamabad, the management chose to construct this amusement facility. Thus, families will gather there to spend quality time together.

Blue World Water Park

Theme Park is being built over 70,000 sq meters of hilly slopes with natural bends, adding to the location’s adventure and thrill. Blue World Water Theme Park features a children’s play area as well as all of the renowned fast-food brands such as McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, and others for an action-packed family day out!

Key Features
  • Splendid Project with Covered Area of 70,000 Sq. Meters.
  • Natural steep curves add to the place’s delight and thrill.
  • Amazing 21 Modern and top-quality Slides.
  • Children Play Area
  • Restaurants
Blue World Water Theme Park Highlights

In order to boost tourism in the city, Blue World City Islamabad plans to construct a top-notch Water Theme Park. This park will be equipped with all of the required amenities to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. This project is expected to proceed swiftly, and it is considered the most important part of BWC Rawalpindi.

According to Mr. Hamza Amir (Director of BWC Water Theme Park), this effort would give work opportunities for Pakistanis while also strengthening the country’s economy. As a result, Pakistan is attracting massive sums of international investment, and its financial industry is growing. Let’s take a look at some of the important features of this amazing entertainment project.

Professional Staff

Blue World City’s management staff is made up of professional personnel that operate in the water park industry. A theme park manager is one of the most experienced staff, and he is in charge of all activities, including ride construction and maintenance. Additionally, the Blue World team has enlisted the help of ticket takers at the front gate, concession stand staff, park cafes, and gift shops, as well as a significant number of entertainers.

Assistance In an Emergency Situation

Emergency services are accessible in Blue World City Islamabad water park, and the park’s designers included a hospital in the event of an emergency. For any problem, a specialized medical squad of nurses and physicians will be assembled. A slip or fall can result in fractures, quadriplegia, or paraplegia, all of which are treatable ailments. The management shall provide appropriate and fast medical treatment in the case of a life-threatening emergency.


Individuals will go to the water parks and have a great time. As a result, families would want to ensure that their children’s safety is sufficiently protected. The administration of the water theme park ensures the safety of the parking lot, rides, food booths, and other attractions. A digital warning network is also established, which alerts personnel in the event of an emergency.

Ideal Vacation Place

The Blue World Water Park is an excellent holiday destination for families looking to break up their routines. The sparkling blue water and twisting water slides will quickly brighten your day. You are also free to ride as many water rides as you like! As a result, it will be an excellent weekend escape from the oppressive summer heat.

The Blue World City Water Theme Park would be an excellent addition to the residential growth in Islamabad. Furthermore, the park would provide a soothing and pleasurable escape for the inhabitants of Islamabad. It will also promote friendship and give a wonderful picnic spot away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Furthermore, the enticing features of the Blue World City water park encourage tourism.

Horse Mascots in Blue World City

Falkirk, Scotland, is home to the Kelpies, the world’s largest equine sculpture. These 30-meter-high horse mascots were installed along the M9 Motorway in April 2014 as a tribute to Scotland’s horse-powered industrial heritage. But exactly, what are kelpies? A kelpie is a shape-shifting watery ghost from Scottish folklore. Kelpies, who have the appearance of a horse, are said to haunt streams and rivers. The significance of these mascots is reflected in Scottish culture. Many people travel to Scotland only to marvel at the magnificent buildings.

The Blue World City Chakri Road Rawalpindi started not only developing the world-famous Burj Al Arab replica but also the world’s most significant Horse Mascot replica Structures. They intend to turn it into a tourism attraction. Visitors are coming from all over the world, including Pakistan, to marvel at the breathtaking sight of these mascots. The Horse Sculptures will be illuminated at night, allowing them to be viewed from a great distance at night.

With a height of 125 feet above the ground, The Horse Mascots of Blue World City will surpass the 30-meter-tall Kelpies in Scotland, which are a major tourist attraction. When the lit sculptures are visible from the Islamabad Motorway at night, the Horse Mascots, which are close to Central Avenue, will surprise visitors with their majestic presence and wow them with a fascinating impact.

Second Cup Coffee in Blue World City

The horse mascots in Blue World City won’t just be sculptures. These sculptures will serve as a tourist gathering spot. Management has already opened an outlet of world-renowned Second Cup Coffee under one mascot. The management hosted a special event for their platinum members and clients and also invited clients from all over Pakistan. Mr. Jim Ragas (CEO of Second Cup Coffee Global) inaugurated the outlet.

Due to its growth and planning, Blue World City is causing a stir among the general public. The management wants to build a community that draws international tourists and investments. The management has arranged everything appropriately toward this goal. Only Mr. Saad Nazir and the whole Blue Group of Companies’ futuristic vision made this feasible. Many customers flooded in for a nice cup of coffee at “Second Cup Coffee” a newly opened outlet under horse mascots soon after the restaurant opened. This proves that BWC’s residential project will be a huge success in the near future.

Top-Notch Features of Horse Mascots

Some other features of this majestic sculpture are:

Lighting at Night

One mascot’s creation is complete, and it is just beautiful. The buildings have been outfitted with powerful lighting so that people can see them from a great distance. Everyone who sees the horse mascots at night will get shivers from the view.

Art Gallery

There will be an art museum on the lower level of these magnificent works of art. You may go there with your family and take in the arts and crafts made by several well-known artisans.

Restaurants & Food Courts

Many eateries are waiting in line to reserve spots in this unique location, much like Second Cup Coffee. Investors will have the opportunity to benefit handsomely from their investments, thanks to Blue World City.

Shopping Centers

Each of these magnificent Horse Mascots has something to offer. Families’ visits to Blue World City in Islamabad would be enjoyable mostly because the management is also in talks to open state-of-the-art shopping centers here.

Pakistan Biggest Cricket Stadium

Pakistan is the most loving nation when it comes to cricket. That is why Blue World City’s top management capitalizes on the opportunity to provide the people of Pakistan with the biggest Cricket Stadium. The stadium will be the “Pakistan Biggest Cricket Stadium“ because of the fact that the management is planning to construct a stadium with 55,000+ capacity. This stadium will be a state-of-the-art building consisting of smart technology to control all moving parts. The stadium will house all the latest amenities and surrounding grounds to provide entertainment facilities to all the residents and visitors.

Forces School Blue World City

Now the news that all are waiting for. The construction of the Forces School franchise is almost completed and ready for operations. The management has also opened the registration process for admissions in the newly opened branch of “Forces School flagship campus“ in Blue World City. This school will provide opportunities not only to the residents but also for all the people living in the locality.

Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan

The Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan was created to make it simple for investors to pay for their residential plots. The Blue World City online payment plan is broken down into 40 monthly installments and eight half-quarterly installments. This article discusses the payment and installment arrangements below for Blue World City.

Payment Plan

Blue World City Master Plan

The fundamental idea behind Blue World City Islamabad is the friendship between Pakistan and China. This housing community is the only one of its kind in the twin cities and in Pakistan. Chinese nationals are planning to make Pakistan their second home as the CPEC project advances and relations improve. Other than BWC, no other housing society now provides any such amenity for our Chinese visitors. This one aspect has improved the housing society’s investment prospects, and the twin cities real estate markets are optimistic about the future and project favorable investment returns.

Blue World City consists of many blocks; investing in them will surely return your profits better than your expectations. Some of the blocks are as follows:

Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block

In addition to housing Chinese nationals, a Blue World City Overseas Block is being created especially for Pakistanis living abroad. This block is particularly created to meet the demands of Pakistanis living abroad who want to invest and then build their home once they return to Pakistan. It benefits from all the advantages of a high-end gated community. You may speak with a Sapphire Properties real estate expert to get additional information about investing in the block.

Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block has become the pinnacle of the success of this amazing residential project. The Overseas Block is exclusively for expatriate Pakistanis who have developed a higher standard of living and a demand for luxurious amenities. In the Overseas Block, some residential and commercial lots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. This is a fantastic opportunity for Pakistanis living abroad to invest in Pakistan safely and cheaply. The profits associated with Blue World City Overseas Block balloting will be huge, so the investment is fruitful.

Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block Location Map

The Location of Overseas Block Islamabad can be reached easily from Chakri Road and will have access to its assigned gate through the society’s Main Gate. The housing development will also be accessible via Rawalpindi Ring Road, which will, in the next two years, link Blue World City Islamabad directly to Motorway M-2 and Islamabad city. Due to its convenient and desirable location, the project is attracting both domestic and foreign investors.

The Overseas Block was created specifically to meet the demands of Pakistanis living abroad who want to make investments in their native country. The problem of fraud is the main obstacle for overseas investors. The fact that Overseas Block in Blue World City Islamabad offers legitimate investment possibilities in Rawalpindi and is not scams is thus welcome news. This block is equipped with all the services and conveniences to give the overseas residents a setting similar to living abroad. These facilities provide a comfortable way of living. The inhabitants of Overseas Block additionally benefit from direct access from Chakri Road, the M-2 Motorway, and Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR).

Blue World City Overseas Block Masterplan

While paying attention to all of the essential requirements needed for a comfortable life, the Overseas Block Blue World city Islamabad offers opulent facilities that make it a great residential choice and destination. A designated entertainment space has been established aside for the residents to fulfill their particular needs and allow them to enjoy their nights.

Additionally, the Overseas block houses a small golf club that attracts a lot of golf lovers. A sizable section has also been reserved for the country club, which is situated adjacent to a blue, verdant lake and offers a peaceful, lovely setting. The university and museum, neither of which have previously been present in Pakistani housing development, are further noteworthy features.

Blue World City Overseas Islamabad Payment Plan

There are many options for every kind of investor in this wonderful block. If you are looking to invest in residential property or commercial property, there are many places for you. If you take a look at Blue World City Overseas Block Payment Plan, you will see that the management has formed the best possible plan for you. Let’s take a look at the payment plan to know the ideal property for investment.

Residential Plots for Sale in Blue World City Overseas Block Islamabad

7 Marla

The minimum area a person can buy for a residence is 175 Sq. Yd. You can become the 7 Marla Blue World City Overseas Block Islamabad plot owner for just 1,925,000/-. You can also adopt a 4-year easy installment plan with an initial investment of 192,500/- as a down payment and 19,250/- monthly in 40 installments.

10 Marla

The residential plot in BWC also comes in the size of 250 Sq. Yd. 10 Marla Blue World City Overseas Block is now available at Sapphire Properties at a new price of 2,680,000/-. You can also become the owner of this plot by paying a 10% Down payment and 40 monthly installments of 26,800/-.

1 Kanal

As we told you earlier, the management designed this block for Pakistani ex-pats. This is why the management has specially designed the properties according to the taste of overseas Pakistanis. 1 Kanal in Overseas Block in Blue World City is just available for 4,800,000/- with a 10% down payment. The monthly installment of this plot is 48,000/-.

2 Kanal

To get full freedom and independence of luxury, you should invest in 2 Kanal plots in Overseas Block Blue World City IslamabadThe initial deposit on 40 monthly installment plan is 10% of the total price. You have to pay a monthly installment of 77,000/- for a period of 40 months and additional development charges to own this luxurious piece of land.

Commercial Plots for Sale in Blue World City Overseas Block Islamabad

5 Marla

Not only residential, but BWC Commercial Plots are also an ideal place for investment as it provide countless opportunities and the highest investment returns. 5 Marla commercial in Overseas Block Blue World City is available for just 9,400,000/-. Commercial property is also available under the installment option with 40 monthly installments of 94,000/- and an initial deposit of 10% of the Total Value.

10 Marla

10 Marla Commercial Property in Overseas Block Blue World City Islamabad cost 15,000,000/- in total. It is also available in an installment option. Per month installment for this magnificent piece of commercial land is 150,000/-.

Blue World City Islamabad General Block

The General Block Blue World City will be the game-changer in the real estate industry. In addition to providing a full lifestyle, it also makes financial things easier for the investors. Plots in Blue World City General Block are extremely affordably priced. One of the first blocks launched in the BWC Rawalpindi was this one. The majority of the facilities promised during the pre-launching period have already begun to be provided, and development work is currently 70% complete.

The top management has decided to put all modern amenities and facilities in this block. Investors have shown great interest in this block because of its affordability. Not only investment, but this block will also provide the ideal living conditions to its residents. “Blue World City General Block” will also provide high-class living facilities at a low cost. There are also many commercial properties in this block, which will provide the maximum returns on the profit.

General Block Owners & Developers

Under the direction of Mr. Saad Nazir’s inspiring leadership, General Block is being built under the auspices of Blue Group of Companies. To create Blue World City, the management business has chosen China Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company’s most prestigious development agency. On this home project, the Chinese business has already begun to work. In order to offer top-notch design and construction services, the Blue Group of Companies was established in 1989. Since then, this group has delivered a number of outstanding projects in a flash and raised the bar for conducting business.

General Block Location Map

In terms of the General Block’s significance for the Blue World City, it plays a crucial role in the aesthetics of the way of life in the neighborhood. The only goal is to offer stunning and cutting-edge amenities at reasonable prices. People who want to live a comfortable yet economical lifestyle are supported by lush green side roads, parks, carpeted roadways, well-planned infrastructure, well-lit homes, and solitude. The Blue World City Islamabad General Block location map makes it clear that it will be a huge success with the general public.

Blue World City Islamabad General Block NOC

The market had some questions about the Blue World City Islamabad General Block NOC approval status, but recent events have put all of these unfounded rumors to rest. Currently, Blue World City is a fully authentic and legitimate project. According to the Rawalpindi Development Authority, the Blue World City and its blocks have received NOC. You can verify the status of the NOC by using Letter No. 532/10/DC.

Blue World City Islamabad General Block Payment Plan

The management and owner have decided on the rates and payment plans for the available plots, taking into account the financial standing of possible investors. Every investor may afford the four-year payment plan’s reasonable monthly installments. After thorough consideration, the creators have created a “Blue World City Islamabad General Block payment plan”. Living in Islamabad’s most renowned neighborhood, close to popular landmarks and tourist destinations, is a fantastic opportunity for both investors and residents.

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